Dynamic Integrations’ mission is to shape the digital era in a way individuals are free to create and cooperate. We do not create visions but we develop new technology and products creating the digital era and make visions a reality.

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Roadmap to the Digital Era

Our blogs are written with guest writers possessing knowledge or insights about an aspect shaping the digital era. All blogs combined are a roadmap for new and established companies looking to enter the digital era. This journey is very different from digitizing your existing hierarchical company structure.

We see the emerging digital era completely changing businesses and societies, making the industrial era and its remnants disappear.


The Dynamic Integrations blog 


This blog offers customers insight in the latest developments and how to maximise its benefits for your organisation. Our blogs describe aspects of the new digital era. It can be the emergence of new roles people perform, a new way of doing business, how a new technology functions in practise, the possibilities and risks related to this, or other topics related to the digital journey human mankind must undertake to shape the digital future.


Insights do not come every month, they come in waves, just like disruptions. We therefor prepare you for a dynamic blog frequency, might be weeks, might be months, one guarantee, it will be exciting!

Authors and guest writers

Bård and/or Fredrik are the authors together with guest writers who are specialist on topics related to a Dynamic Integrations products or services, or digitalisation in general.


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With digital regards,

Fredrik De Vries, CEO Dynamic Integrations

Bård Øvrebø, CTO Dynamic Integrations